Fortinet NSE 1 – Quiz 3

1. How long has the role of CISO been present?
2. In many of the breaches, tens of millions of credit cards become compromised, and personally identifiable information for millions of individuals are stolen. What is one result?
3. In what ways are CISOs often expected to represent the company?
4. Originally, the role of CISO was mostly concerned with which topic?
5. What can be said for a company’s data that resides outside their buildings?
6. What do the other C-level executives want from a CISO?
7. What is the result of these breaches becoming the targets of government regulators?
8. What is the term for when departments or individuals go outside the corporate policies and spin up their own applications, utilize unapproved or uncoordinated SaaS services, or otherwise allow what may be key information assets to be stored out of our control?
9. What results from the loss of control of customers’ personally identifiable information?
10. Where are the information assets in a typical company today?

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