Fortinet NSE 1 – Quiz 2

1. How does implementing multiple security point products from multiple vendors affect managing an environment?
2. Internally to the CIO’s company, what is the overall impact when a cyber attack causes extended downtime, and employees’ time is diverted to post-attack activities?
3. On average, how can a CIO’s tenure be characterized?
4. Regulatory fines related to serious breaches can be characterized in which way?
5. What is becoming a regular topic between CIOs, the other C-level executives, and the board of directors?
6. What is the primary responsibility of a CIO?
7. What will a CIO do once they understand the company’s business goals and priorities?
8. When investments are made in IT infrastructure, what should a CIO do next?
9. When the general public learns of a serious breach, what is their likely reaction?
10. Why must a CIO work closely with the other C-level executives?

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