Fortinet NSE 1 – Quiz 1

1. Attacking systems by exploiting otherwise unknown and unpatched vulnerabilities is also known as:
2. What are the primary motivations of the “Hacktivist”?
3. What central component is necessary to form a botnet?
4. What is it called when a fraudulent email masquerades as a legitimate communication in an attempt to get a user to reveal sensitive information?
5. What is the goal of the “Cyber Terrorist”?
6. What is the motivation of the bad actor known as the “Explorer”?
7. What is the motivation of the “Cyber Terrorist”?
8. What is the name of the malware that takes over a computer system and holds hostage the disk drives or other data?
9. What is the primary motivation of the “Cyber Warrior”?
10. What is the motive of the “Cyber Criminal”?

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